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тезисы для конференции
20.03.2013, 14:46

     The Lingual-historical method of describing of all these castle show us the main difference between lengua and history.

   Castle - one of the main treasures with mysticism and ghosts in the Great Britain. Castles of Britain is known throughout the world and are closely linked to the fate of prominent personalities from different ages.

   The relevance of our chosen theme is that locks the Great Britain, their history for centuries arresting people.

  The subject of the study - the variety of  castle Great Britain mystical places in the U.S.A.

  The problem  of study. Nowadays castles are gradually destroyed. But we need to preserve them for future generations. We need to understand the role of castles in history and their purpose for the present.

  The object of study - a group of the most mysterious places in the UK and U.S.

  Hypothesis of the study - information about the existence of ghosts in the castles of Great Britain and mystical places U.S.A outlook and enha nces people's knowledge.

  The aim of this work is the discovery of unknown Great Britain and U.S.A.

 We chose this topic because we believe that paranormal phenomena have always been the most hotly debated and scholars, and ordinary people.

  The main objectives of the study:

1. Explore the variety of locks Great Britain

2. Give a brief comparative description of locks UK and U.S.A.

3. Make the message "Great Britain. Castles with ghosts. USA) "in English.

  Methods: a literature analysis, problem-search method, research, organizing and summarizing.


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