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Сценарий фестиваля английской песни
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Сценарий музыкального фестиваля
английской песни
“Musical Box”
Ведущий 1:
Dear guests! We are very glad to see you here. Today we are going to have a festival that we called “ Musical Box”. Musical box (1 слайд: на экране появляется музыкальная шкатулка) sings so well. Do you like its song? So do I.
Ведущий 2:
Music and songs raise our spirits, help us to overcome difficulties, make our feelings more complicated and our life becomes more colourful.
Ведущий 1:
Yes, I think so. Let's enjoy our pupils' singing!
2 слайд : (песня Saharova Alisa, Miley Cyrus 11A)
It's splendid! Learning English through music helps us to understand and to learn the culture of England. It is very interesting because we learn English.
Ведущий 2:
Nowadays, we can hear music everywhere: in the streets, at home, over the radio and TV, and Internet, and of course, at our school, because a lot of pupils are interested in music.
3 слайд : (песня Skinny Marinky, 2V, )
4 слайд : (песня Zubaerova K., I’m a big,big girl , 6A )

Ведущий 1:
Great! I think that everybody in this hall can admit that it is impossible to live without music.
Ведущий 2:
I absolutely agree with you. I'm sure that all of us like music. We can express our thoughts and feelings, we can relax and have fun with the help of music.
5 слайд: (песня Change Your Life, 8 A,)
Ведущий 1:
Well, it's difficult to speak about music because music is something spiritual and everybody understands it in different way.
Ведущий 2:
Music helps us to understand the inner world of a person. Some people enjoy classical music, others prefer pop and rock. So many people, so many opinions.
6 слайд: (песня If You Are Happy and You Know It ,1 E, )
7 слайд: (песня Karimova Adelina, Only hope ,5A)

Ведущий 1:
Marvelous! As for me, I'm a lover of pop-music. But we can say that all kinds of music are popular with public.
Ведущий 2:
By the way, I know that young people are united by music and communicate through it, express their thoughts, hopes, dreams, sorrows and joys.
8 слайд: (песня Repina Evita, What’s if…! , 5A)
9 слайд: (песня Sabirzyanova N, Summer Love, 7B)
Ведущий 1:
Helen, what about the songs of M. Jackson, E. Presley, Stevie Wonder? They are wonderful, aren't they?
Ведущий 2:
Certainly. Their songs are good for having rest. Let's have a break with one of them.
10 слайд: (песня Loginova Diana ,I Just Call to Say …, 6B )
11 слайд: (песня Danilova Dasha, Wings, 8V)
Ведущий 1:
No doubts, music makes our feelings happier and full of impressions.
Ведущий 2:
I can't stand with it. Music can control our emotions and influence our mood.
12 слайд: (песня Kuvshinova Alena, My heart will go on , 9B)
13 слайд: (песня Eremina Alisa, Valisheva Mariya, Lovesick, 8A )
Ведущий 1:
Music is one of the best parts of our life. It shows the beauty of the world. Music always can help us when we are in trouble.
14 слайд: (песня Galimova A, Kuznetsova A,Sabirzyanova N, Yesterday ,7 cool
Ведущий 2:
I'm so excited. I believe that music helps people from all over the world to understand each other better. There are no boarders in music.
15 слайд: (песня Rizajeva A, Rogozhkina A, Myakina K, We Found Love, 6V )

Ведущий 1:
Wow, it makes me think of happy time. On the whole our English party is wonderful with lots of music and songs.
Ведущий 2:
In my opinion we should decorate our festival with beautiful magic Christmas songs!
16 слайд: ( песня Zueva-Fitoz E, Last Christmas, 6B)
17 слайд: (песня Mullayanova Aigul, Merry Christmas, 6A)
Ведущий 1:
The English language! So beautiful and melodious!
Ведущий 2:
So exciting and amazing! What can be better than to have a command of it?
Ведущий 1:
To speak good English means to know its grammar and vocabulary and to pronounce well.
Ведущий 2:
To speak English means to communicate, to understand each other.
So we wish you all speak good English well!
18 слайд: (песня Pupils of the 3B Form, Jingle Bells)
I don't mind. But I think that our festival would be dull without our teachers!
19 слайд: (песня Ирина Сергеевна!)
Ведущий 1:
Sorry to say our festival is coming to the end. We think you enjoyed our beautiful songs.
поворачивается к выступающим детям:
Dear boys and girls! Thank you for your active participation. You are brilliant at singing.
Ведущий 2: ( к гостям).
Dear guests! We hope you liked the party. Thank you very much for your attention. We wish you Merry Christmas! Good bye!
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