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разработка внеклассного мероприятия по англ.языку
05.05.2014, 13:05

Literary-musical kaleidoscope!”


1ведущий.  Hello  to  everybody!  Nice  to  see  you.  Today  we are

going to have  a very special party  –  “Literary-musical kaleidoscope!”

We welcome you to the opening of the school week of foreign languages!


 Today - a hard day, he - one more step that you have to cross, another barrier that must be overcome.


Второй ведущийSubject weeks are held in our school for a long time, but their essence remains the same - to identify the most intelligent and talented.


Первый: In this hall worthy students of all classes of our school.


Второй: the School week of Foreign Languages ​​considered open!

Звучит песня на англ.языке.

Первый: Allow me to introduce you to program the week of foreign languages

Второй: Begin our presentations of the smallest.

Students the….form    are invited on stage ..





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