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Разработка урока по английскому языку по теме "Внешность" в 6 кадетском классе
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Урок в 6 классе (кадетском) по теме «Looking good»

Цели и задачи урока:
- активизация лексики по теме «Внешность. Одежда»
- формирование навыков устной речи и аудирования

Оборудование: картинки с изображением одежды, , компьютер, мультимедийное оборудование.
Ход урока.
1. Орг. момент, приветствие.
T: Good morning, boys!
P: Good morning, teacher!
T: Glad to see you, sit down.. Well, how are you today?
P: Fine, thanks. And you?
T: I am also fine, thank you. You see that today we have an unusual lesson because we have guests. Let’s greet them.
P: Glad to see you!
T: Oh, I see you look fine today. You are so tidy and this parade uniform suits you very much. By the way how do I look today? (а как я сегодня выгляжу?)
P: You look brilliantly.
You don’t look casual, you look brightly.
To my mind you look just cool
2. Фонетическая зарядка.
У: Well, thank you very much! And now let’s recollect how to say about appearance
(используется компьютер ученики хором повторяют выражение за диктором)
- He is tall
- She is short
- He is thin
- She is stout
- He’s got brown eyes
- She’s got green eyes
- He’s got fair hair
- He’s got dark hair
- She wears glasses
3. Речевая зарядка.
T: Now look at me and try to describe my appearance
P:- You are short
- You’ve got brown eyes
- You’ve got fair hair
- You’ve got short fair hair
- You’re thin
- You wear glasses
T: You are right, and what can you say about my clothes ?
P: This black sweater suits you very much
As for me, a light brown skirt always makes a good combination with black sweater
4. Целеполагание. Фронтальный опрос.
T: Oh, thank you very much, you are so polite. So how do you think, what will we discuss today?
P: - Perhaps we’ll discuss appearance?
- May be we will discuss different clothes,
- I think we’ll discuss different clothes and appearance
T: O’k , right you are. Let’s speak about different clothes and appearance. By the way what shall we do for looking good?
P: - I think we should go in for sport and eat healthy food.
- I want to add that we should buy good-looking clothes.
T: Well, Vadim, do you agree with Sergey?
P: - I agree with Vlad and I agree with Sergey. I think that we should both take care about our health and wear good-looking clothes.
T: I think you are right. It is very important to look good. And to prove it, let’s sing the song.
песня «Looking good»
T: Now we know how to look good, and it helps us to feel free. I want to add that wearing favourite clothes also helps to feel free. Every person has his favourite clothes. For example my favourite clothes are jeans and sweaters. And what about you? What do you like to wear? Look at the blackboard, these pictures will help you to tell about your favorite clothes.
P: - I like to wear comfortable clothes: jeans and T-shirts
- I prefer free style and my clothes depends on my mood
- I go in for sport, so I like to wear sport clothes and trainers
- Jeans, jeans and once again jeans. They are comfortable for any activity. And I also like to wear sweaters.
5. Аудирование.
T: Well, many people- many views. Tom and Jane, English students of your age also have their favourite clothes. Let’s listen to the tape, and try to find the answer to my question: What do they like to wear?
прослушивание записи
T: Who tells us about favourite clothes?
P: Tom and Jane tell about their favourite clothes
T: What’re Tom’s favourite clothes?
P: Tom’s favourite clothes are black jeans, a light blue shirt and a brown sweater
T: What does Jane like to wear?
P: She likes to wear jeans or shorts and a top.
T: O’k, you are right. And what do you think, are they from one school or from different?
P:- I think they are from one school
- No, they are from different schools
T: well, let’s listen to the text once again and find the answer together..
(прослушивание записи)
T: Well, what can you say now?
P: Oh, they are from one school. Because Tom doesn’t wear a school uniform and Jane always wears a uniform
T: o’k, that’s it! And what is her uniform?
P: She wears a light blouse with a dark skirt,
6. Полилог.
T: By the way, you also wear a uniform. Do you like it?
P:- Yes!
- No!
T: O’k, let’s do the following: I’ll divide you into 2 groups. The first group should give me arguments for wearing a uniform and the second- against it. Think a little and start.
P: - I think it’s not so important to wear a uniform at school
- Why not? Our uniform is smart and we look good in it
- And what? I personally don’t like to wear suits
- I also like to wear something different every day
- Oh, I don’t agree with you, boys. We are cadets and we must look like cadets
- And you forget about money: much clothes cost much money
- Well, and if my clothes are dirty I just can’t wear something else!
- You just must be careful!
7. Монологическая речь.
T: Well, I think we should summarize your discussion
(от каждой группы выступает по одному человеку)
P: - Well, we think, that it’s not so important to wear a uniform at school. It’s not very comfortable especially when you want to run in the break. We like to wear something different every day, and it’s good when you can wear your favourite clothes. So we think that pupils can live without a school uniform.
- To our opinion all the pupils must wear a uniform, especially we, cadets. When you wear a uniform you look smart and tidy. You can wear your favourite clothes when you walk or when you are at home. And I want to add that we are cadets and there is a rule- to wear a uniform. So we think it’s a good rule.
T: Thank you boys. And now think and tell me your decision: are you for or against wearing a uniform at school? Must we wear a uniform?
P: We must wear a uniform!
8. Подведение итогов.
T: Unfortunately our time is over and our lesson is going to finish. Tell me, please, did you like the lesson today?
P: Yes, we liked the lesson
T: Was it interesting for you? What can you do now?
P: - I can describe my favourite clothes
- I know how to look good
- We know that it’s important to wear a uniform
T: I’m glad that you liked the lesson. I think, the next lesson we’ll continue our discussion. Your home task is to write a composition about your favourite clothes. And now thank you, good bye!
P: Good bye, teacher!
Good bye, guests!
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