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презентация "Англо-Российские отношения"
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One of the most memorabilia places in Moscow the Old English court has became a museum in 1994 with the official visit of the Queen Elizabeth II. It recreates the atmosphere of a medieval house, where can be seen archival documents, graphic works and paintings telling the history of this house and the relationship between Great Britain and Russia during the 16th - 17th centuries.

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The first relations between Russia and England were established four centuries ago. During the reign of Elizabeth I in England, and Ivan the Terrible in Russia, a merchant named Richard Chancellor made landfall near Arkhangelsk in North West Russia. Ivan not only gave a virtual trading monopoly to the British established Muscovy Company, but sent an ambassador, Nepeia, back with Chancellor, to inaugurate diplomatic relations, which pursued a rather stormy course throughout the reign of Queen Elisabeth I.

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The famous picture of the Russian painter Alexander Litovchenko, who spezalized in depicting of Moscovite Russia of the 16th-17th centuries introduces the real scene from this time – «Ivan the Terrible is showing his treasures to the British Ambassador Horsey» (A. Litovchenko, 1875).
Sir Jerome Horsey (1550 – 1626), of Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire, was an English explorer, diplomat and politician in the 16th and 17th centuries.
He spent much time in Russia over the course of seventeen years, first arriving in 1573 and leaving in 1591.

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The exhibition at the Moscow Kremlin Museums «The Golden Age of The English Court: from Henry VIII to Charles I» (Moscow, October 2012 - January 2013), gives an insight into various aspects of court culture.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has given her personal agreement to ensure that they brought to Moscow armor of Henry VIII
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The national treasures «The Drake Jewel» and «The Drake Star» were also brought to Moscow

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The unique form of visual art in the 16-17th century in England – the portrait miniature. They have a personal, «secret» sense of privacy, but at the same time «pictures in little» demonstrated the power and glory of monarchs.

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The paintings and drawings, portrait miniature, jewellery, silver plates, arms and armor, textiles, rare books and prints tell us the story of the «Golden Age» of the Tudors and the first Stuarts Court;
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