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Музыка в жизни каждого человека
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Тема: «Музыка в жизни каждого человека».
Класс: 10
Цель урока: совершенствование умения обучающихся использовать английский язык, как средство общения в рамках темы: «Музыка в нашей жизни».
Познавательный аспект: расширение лексического запаса по данной теме.
Развивающий аспект: развитие языковой догадки, развитие способности к сравнению и сопоставлению полученных знаний, способности их излагать.
Воспитательный аспект: воспитание чувства прекрасного, чувства уважения к другим людям и к себе, как талантливой личности.
Учебный аспект: развитие речевых умений.
Коммуникативные задачи:
 Активизировать изученные лексические единицы по данной теме.
 Развивать умение аудирования с общим пониманием и с извлечением нужной информации.
 Развивать умение говорения на основе прослушанного.
 Развивать произносительные навыки.
 Развивать критическое мышление.
 Стимулировать желание обучающихся общаться на английском языке.
 Использовать песню, как эмоционально окрашенную составляющую, для создания условий по формированию внутренней, осознанной мотивации к изучению английского языка.
Оснащение: компьютер, проектор, экран, раздаточный материал для индивидуальной работы.
Метапредмет: проблема.
Метапредметнаяцель:постижение обучающимися смысла уникальности и талантливости личности каждого в поликультурном сообществе; создание модели реального общения.
Метапредметные умения (УУД):
 Умение осознанно использовать речевые средства в соответствии с задачей коммуникации.
 Умение рассуждать и строить логическое высказывание.
 Умение формулировать, аргументировать и делать вывод.
 Умение применять жизненный опыт в рамках данной темы.
 Умение планировать речевое поведение в конкретной ситуации.

План - конспект урока:
1.Начало урока. Приветствие. Постановка цели.

T. Hello, boys and girls. I hope everybody is fine today. Don't get nervous, be energetic and optimistic. I see your happy, smiling faces and it makes me feel happy too. What about you? What can make you feel happy? Finish the sentence: I'm happy when…(about myself) my children are OK.
(Учащиеся придумывают свои концовки к данному предложению).

T. Thank you for your ideas. As you can see, different things can make us feel happy, for some of us it's our family and friends. For the others, it's good marks at school or fine weather. Still, I'm sure everybody will agree with me that music is the universal language of the world. It reflects our mood and emotions. Music helps us not only be happy but understand each other, appreciate such feelings as love, friendship, sympathy.It's the universal language for people of different ages, generations, professions and different social background.

Т:WARM UP. Answer the questions. Look at the screen.

 1.Who is your favourite singer/musician/musical group?
 2.How often do you listen to them? For how long?
 3.Why do you like them?
 4.What does your favourite music make you feel?
 5.What would your life be like without music?
 6.Are you a fan of any musical group or singer/musician/musical group? What is it that makes them special to you?
 7.What activities in your life do you consider meaningful? Why?
 8.What do you think is more important in a song: the lyrics or the tune?
 9.What makes your life complete? Describe it.
 10.Do you have a focus in your life? What is it?
 11.Would you call yourself a mature person? Why? Why not?

Т: Thanks for your honesty and motivating answers.

3.Работа с текстом.
Т: Open the books on p.40 ex. 111 and read the text about music. But first of all – New Words. Repeat after me.

evoke - вызывать, вызвать;
despair -отчаяние, уныние, унывать;
affecting it - влияющие на нее;
unify - объединить, сплотить;
embody - воплощать, олицетворять, отражать, воплощение;
identity – индивидуальность, самобытность, своеобразие, принадлежность;
responses – ответы;
exquisite - восхитительный, исключительный, изысканность.

Чтение текста учащимися
Т:Look at the screen. Explain why the following statements are incorrect. Refer to examples in the text.
 1.People listen to music only to entertain themselves.
 2.Music cannot reflect all people`s mood.
 3.Music doesn`t say anything about
the society in which it is created.
 4.Music cannot change anything in a society.
 5.Popular music helps give an identity to only one group of society.
 6.Music cannot symbolise only one generation of people.

4. Работасновымилексическимиединицами.
Т: Match the words with their definitions. Translate the words into Russian ex.113 p. 41.

5.Лексико-грамматический практикум. Подготовка уч-ся к ЕГЭ.
Т: Takethistest.Fill in the gaps in the text with the correct forms of the verbs. The text about a musician, John Lenon. 5 minutes and if you have some problems withunderstanding I can help you. Приложение №1
 TAKE – гл. принимать
 OLD – прл. старый
 IMPRESSIVE – прл. впечатляющий
 STAND – гл. стоять
 FIND – гл. находить
 WOMAN – сущ. женщина
 IMPERSONATE – гл. воображать

Т: Сheck your answers.
 TAKE – TOOK (Past Simple)
 OLD – OLDEST (Superlative form)
 STAND –STANDING (Participle)
 FIND – FOUND (Past Simple)
 WOMAN – WOMEN (Plural Form)


Т: Stand up and look around,
Shake your shoulders as a Gypsy,
Shake your head and turn around,
Stamp your feet upon the ground,
Clap your hands and than sit down.

7. Речевоеразвитие.
Т: Look at the list of possible function and purposes music can have in a society (A) and match them with the musical pieces (B).Му example: Singing a carol during celebrating Christmas might make us feel happу and it is a way to pass on traditions.

As personal expression
To communicate ideas
To make smb feel happier
For religious purposes
For group identity
To play during a film
For advertising
As a way to pass on traditions
To increase patriotism
For dancing
As a form of protest
To tell a story
The Russian National Anthen
A song by the Beatles
A folk dance
A classical symphony
A modern pop song
A heavy metal piece
A soundtrack for a cartoon
A carol

8. Дебаты. ЗаиПротив
Т:You know that there are different kinds of music: classical, rock, popular, jazz, rap and others. Different people enjoy listening to different music.I want you to work in groups.

1. Debates
Т:The first group is for classical music. The second is against it.
Group №1: We would like to say, that it is easy for every listener to get a keep sensual delight and pleasure of classical music. Such music creates a special spiritual world for the listener, enriches his inner life and makes him happy.
Group №2: We are awfully sorry, but we can’t find delight in classical music. It is exclusive art, most people don’t understand it. It is not a popular art. The very length of classical music pieces can send any listener to sleep. People want a kind of music to which they can dance or just talk to friends. It is not simple, cheerful and up-to-date.

T: I’d like to say, that very often we are not ready to listen to classical music. If people were taught not only to listen but to understand it, it would be much better. And now I would like you to listen to rock music.

2. Debates.
Т:The first group is for rock music. The second group is against rock music.
Group№1: We prefer rock music to other kinds because it can express all kinds of people’s mood. People find support, strength and stability.
Rock is popular with young people because its rhythms are full of vigor and force… The tunes are easily caught and young people get tremendous kicks to this kind of music. This music attracts masses of people because the words of the songs deal with young people’s world, their hopes, dreams and joys.
Young people search for new rhythms and new styles and rock can be called experimental kinds of music. People can dance to this music.
Group№2: Listening rock music people are thrilled, excited and moved to tears. Volume of sound produced by this kind of music does great damage to the sense of hearing and to the nervous system; causes of mass hysteria are not at all unusual at rock concert. Are we bringing-up the generation of the half-deaf neurotics. Some rock music affect young people like drugs. There are well-known causes of antisocial and amoral behavior on the part of young music addicts.
T: Of course, tastes differ. Everybody is fond of particular genre of music. But let’s think music is the background of our life. We can hear not only our favorite music, but other genres of music too, because music is every where: in concert halls, in parks, on TV and radio, at homes, in transport. We live and listen to the music..

Т: Now you’ll listen to the textabout music and different entertainments . Try to understand it and be ready to do the tasks. Takethe task.

см.Приложение №2

10. Развитие письменной речи. Написание статьи.
Т:Write an article “The music in my life”. Follow the steps. Look at the screen. You should write 100-150 words.

Here are some of the aspects you can cover in your article:
 What kinds of music you like to listen to and how each one makes you feel
 Your favourite singer/musician and why you like him/her
 Your friend`s musical preferences, whether you have the same taste and why/why not
 Any personal experience of performing or listening to music and how it has changed you

Т: Pass me your articles so that I can mark them

11.Рефлексия. Подведение итогов урока.
Т:Thank for your opinions. What have we spoken today? Is it important in our daily routine to listen to music and respect different musical tastes of people?
Т:You have proved that music plays very important role in our life. It develops the best man’s feeling. So they work for good in making your characters and personalities.

12. Домашнеезадание.
Т: Don’t forget about homework. There is a proverb: “Art is long, life is short”.Your home task is to write your arguments and opinions on this proverb. I’d like to listen to your conclusions what is music in your life.
Дополнительная литература

1. М.З.Биболетова «EnjoyEnglish 10», «Student'sbook», Обнинск: Титул, 2014 г
2.О.В.Афанасьева, Б.Эванс, Дж.Дули «Spotlight - 10», Москва: Просвещение, 2015г
3. Аудиоприложение к учебнику «Spotlight - 11», 2015г
5. Сборник тестов по грамматике и лексике, ЕГЭ, Е.Н. Соловова, 2016г.

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