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Our Fragile Planet
The Earth is the only planet in our galaxy which is inhabited.
JAPANESE giant salamander
JAPANESE giant salamander is the largest amphibian, which can reach 160 cm in length, it weighs up to 180 kg and can live up to 150 years, although officially registered the maximum age of the giant salamander is 55 years.
Moonfish or Molamola can be more than three meters long and it weighs about one and a half tons.
The shape of the fish's body resembles a disc. The moonfish has a very thick skin.
The young fish of this species swim in the usual way. An adult big fish swims on its side.
Cordylidae or Girdled is a family of small to medium sized lizards.
Habitat: southern and eastern Africa, the island of Madagascar.
Size: from 12 to 70 centimeters in length. Their bodies are covered with rectangular plates.
What a wonderful world!
Let’s keep seas clean!
Let’s stop poison!
Let’s save our planet together!
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